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Who we are

Göçük Law Office has been founded by prominent company law specialist Att. Ömer Faruk Göçük at 1973. Our office is still conducted with the partnership of his son Att. Emre Göçük. Since the day of establishment Göçük Law Office provides continuous consultancy, counseling services, following lawsuits and execution proceedings mainly native and foreign companies and persons. Our office made a distinguished name in “Company Attorneyship” “Controversies Between Partners” “Management of Contracts” “Efficient Litigation” “Preventive Attorneyship” and “Crisis Management” fields with specific works. Our Bureau is still constantly improving and developing in the fields of specialization not only with more than 50 years of experience and culture, but also with the young and dynamic staff. We are also providing all kind of lawsuit, litigation or process follow-up outside our business district İzmir and Ege Area in İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Konya, Antalya and Afyon through representatives in other cities and districts, rapid and timely and also cooperating with law offices in United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.

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Our Practices

“Our practice areas with 50 years of data, knowledge and experience” Göçük Law Office is providing legal services to companies and persons all kinds of legal consultancy and dispute resolution areas. After the long years of our services some of the practice areas we became more experienced are presented briefly below.

Company Consultancy / Attorneyship

Our Office is giving effective consultancy services to the constant consultant companies on every field of Labor Law and Commercial Law. We are supporting companies to decrease the legal difficulty possibilities to minimum and providing a save of time and money in long term with making a legal basis regarding management of any work or process of the companies on every field. The processes and lawsuit kinds that our office is giving support;

  • Development of contractual processes and constant support at the process
  • Modernization of the workplace safety regulations for employees
  • Keeping up with sectoral legal changes and giving reports in accordance
  • Management consultancy
  • Adjustment process for compliance to corporate governance
  • Processes for a corporate basis to the family companies
  • Guidance in relations with banks and financial institutions
  • Representation of the companies at commercial and civil lawsuits
  • Finalization of the rights and debts follow-up fastest and most efficiently
  • Offer to public processes in accordance with the Capital Markets Board legislations
  • All of the trade registry processes
  • is a participation of Göçük Law Office

    Conflicts Between Shareholders

    Conflicts between shareholders, solutions for his matter, protocols and lawsuit arise from this matter are field of specialization of our office. Att. Emre Göçük, one of our partners, made successful studies regarding legal rights of minority shareholders, usage of these rights, rightful termination of the company, leaving a company as shareholder and exclusion of a shareholder law suits and academic level studies at nationwide seminars and symposiums. The processes and lawsuit kinds that our office is giving support;

  • Management of conflict of interest between shareholders
  • Liability of the manager and conduct the regarding lawsuit proceedings
  • Exercising of legal minority (%10) rights
  • Annulment of general assembly resolutions, suspension of enforcement and regarding lawsuits
  • Rightful termination of companies, leaving a company as shareholder, exclusion of a shareholder and regarding lawsuits
  • Share transfers, mergers, acquisitions and liquidation proceedings

  • is a participation of Göçük Law Office

    Protection Of The Intellectual Property Rights

    Att. Emre Göçük one of the partners of our office, beside attorneyship and consultancy is a trademark and patent attorney registered at Turkish Patent Institute since 2005. Our office has comprehensive accumulation of knowledge regarding the registration, protection and management of the intellectual property rights which enrich you and your company’s production and services and regarding disputes. The processes and lawsuit kinds that our office is giving support; Trademark and patent registry and consultancy Lawsuits regarding invalidity of trademarks, patents and industrial designs The protection of the literary and artistic works rights borne by code of literary and artistic works and copyright law and the lawsuits regarding The proceedings regarding objections and ownership applications by Turkish Patent Institute Regulation and follow-up for License and Franchise Agreements Execution of information technology and electronic commercial law Execution of printed, visual, digital media and advertisement

    Competition Legislations Practices

    Our office has comprehensive experience regarding competition legislations and unfair competitive practices. The processes and lawsuit kinds that our office is giving support; Follow-up for the preliminary investigation, investigation and contrition files at competition board Follow-up for permission processes at competition board in accordance with mergers and takeovers Dominant position, predatory pricing, discrimination and other practices that restrict competition Follow-ups and regulations for license, distribution, agency and franchise agreement Determination of unfair competition, prevention from unfair competition, regarding lawsuits and lawsuits including compensation claims

    Investment Consultancy

    Our office is giving comprehensive consultancy services with 50 years of information and accumulation of knowledge to national and foreign entrepreneurs regarding investment consultancy. The processes that our office is giving support regarding this matter; Mergers and acquisitions Follow-ups and regulations for joint venture agreements Follow-ups and regulations for partners, shareholder agreements, share selling, distribution, agency, leasing, license, know-how etc. agreements Legal Status Report services (due diligence) Consultancy services regarding investment incentives is a participation of Göçük Law Office

    Preventive Attorneyship

    Extension of judicial proceedings, the legibility of the judgments and the efficiency of the experts presenting reports has always been a criticized matter in our country. We are committing to decrease your or your company’s possible workload or lawsuits, to provide effort, time and financial saving in long term with rapid and timely legal interventions or precautions regarding our preventive attorneyship principle. Likewise; we are advising to take steps for solving the possible disputes more rapidly with methods such as arbitration, conciliation, settlement in pais.

    Lawsuit Follow-Up And Dispute Resolution

    Our office is giving services on any field of law, any level of civil, criminal, administrative, tax courts and at arbitration proceedings efficient lawsuit follow-up. The processes and lawsuit kinds that our office is giving support; Practices and disputes of company law Practices and lawsuits regarding intellectual property rights Proceedings regarding bankruptcy and enforcement law, receivable follow-up, debt management Lawsuits regarding labor law, union process monitoring Lawsuits regarding family law, such as divorce, alimony, custody, contribution lawsuits Disputes regarding inheritance law, testaments, disputes arise from portion of the inheritance agreements and annulment of the disposition lawsuits Disputes arise from real estates and rental law Lawsuits arise from construction agreements and agreements for work Any kind of compensational lawsuits Follow-up for international arbitration proceedings Disputes arise from shipping and transport works Recognition and enforcement of the foreign judgments Disputes and lawsuits arise from competition law Disputes and lawsuits arise from information technology law Follow-up for criminal lawsuits and conclusion Concluding any kind of tax disputes

    Our Attorneys

    Co-Founder / Attorney at Law

    He has completed his Bachelor's Degree (LL.B) at Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1970.After his military service, he started working as a freelance lawyer in Izmir in 1973 and is the founder of Göçük Law Office. In 2013, he has been awarded with “40th Year Service in the Attorneyship Profession” plaque by the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and the Izmir Bar Association.

    He has focused on Company Law since the beginning of his professional life. He has been working mainly in the fields of Company Law, Commercial Contracts, Real Estate Law, Tourism Law, Family Law and Inheritance Law during his 47 years of professional life.

    Partner / Attorney at Law

    He has completed his secondary and high school education at Karşıyaka Anadolu Lisesi, his Bachelor's Degree (LL.B) at Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Law (2004) and his foreign language education at Bell School of Language/Cambridge (2007) in the United Kingdom. He is a trademark and patent attorney registered with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

    He mainly works in the fields of Company Law, Contract Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law and Labor Law. Currently he is working on an academic book which is related to "General Meetings in Joint Stock Companies and Their Results". Also he speaks English at advanced level.

    Attorney at Law

    She completed her secondary and high school education at TED Aliağa Koleji Vakfı in 2011. She successfully completed her Bachelor’s Degree (LL.B) at Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Law between 2014 and 2018. She completed her legal internship at Göçük Law Office and she is currently practicing her legal profession at Göçük Law Office.

    She continues to work successfully at our office in the fields of Contracts Law, Family Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law and Real Estate Law. She speaks English at an advanced level.

    Attorney at Law

    He has completed his high school education at Alanya Fevzi Alaettinoğlu Anadolu Lisesi and he has completed his Bachelor’s Degree (LL.B) at Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Law, between 2013 and 2018. He has done his legal internship at Göçük Law Firm and still practicing his legal profession at Göçük Law Firm.

    He is successfully working in the fields of Administrative Law, Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law, Energy Law, and Competition Law. He has a very good command of English.

    Legal Practitioner

    She completed her high school education at Karabağlar Nevvar Salih İşgören Anadolu Lisesi. She successfully completed her undergraduate education as a high honor student at Dokuz Eylül University between 2018 and 2022 and she speaks English at an advanced level and German at an intermediate level.

    She continues to work successfully as a legal intern at Göçük Law Office and continues to work in the fields of Labor Law, Contract Law, Commercial Law and Family Law.

    Administrative Assistant

    She completed her undergraduate education at Celal Bayar University, Department of Public Administration between 2007 and 2010. She has started to work at Göçük Law Firm in 2013 and she works as an administrative assistant who is responsible for client reception, briefing, trial following and office organization.


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